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How Do You Backup Your SP4?


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I use SyncToy, a free software from Microsoft, to backup all may data files to a external hard drive
I went to the Microsoft Store and didn't find it, than I Googled for it and my first hit showed that it is at least a 7 year old program. So it works fine with Windows 10?


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I have all my data on a NAS and map the drives to my Surface Pro 4. Windows takes care that the mapped drives are also available offline. I then only need to backup my NAS which is done automatically to an attached USB drive and via Internet to another NAS on a different locoation over night.

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I have my data on the microSD card. I use CrashPlan (free) to backup selected folders to my Windows 2012R2 server. Then I use CrashPlan Plus (paid subscription) running on the server to backup to their cloud for an off site backup.

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Thanks for all the great feedback.

I decided to backup my SP4 to a 128 GB 3.0 USB flash drive ($25) and transfer it to an external HD. I used Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Free.

The process was easier than I thought it would be. The PB&R 14 user interface takes some effort to figure out, but once you do, it's very simple to use. Also, incremental backups are easy to do and take up relatively little space.

My SP4 hard drive is about 45 GB (about half of that is music files, IIRC) which compressed to a 34 GB backup folder. It copied to the 128 GB 3.0 flash drive in about 34 minutes. I then plugged the flash drive into my desktop and copied the folder to my 4TB external HD in about 5 minutes. Based on my experience, incremental backups should only take about 5 to 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I can't automate/schedule incremental backups (like I do with my desktop) because my SP4 is turned off when not in use.


+1 for SyncToy for file backup & synchronisation, and I've also used Macrium Reflect Free for imaging.

However, my default option for imaging CloneZilla: Clonezilla - About

It's may seem a bit techy if you aren't familiar with Linux but generally you only need to answer a few questions about how you want to image the device and it does a fine job. It has saved my bacon a few times (though I've never tried it on a SPro/SBook yet).