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Poll How do you dock with the SP3?

Do you use a Dock with your Surface?

  • new MS brick shaped Dock

  • old MS clamp-shaped docking station

  • USB/DisplayLink dock (non-MS)

  • separate USB hub and monitor cable

  • I dont dock

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So I'm a huge docking and multi-monitor fan - hence my user name and various surface hacking projects I've posted on here over the last year or two. I wanted to understand how folks use docking stations at their desk with the Surface Pro 3 vs Pro 4 and Surface Book and what issues they are having to try to improve the experience. If you want to help me improve docking, please fill out this quick survey:


Forgive me if the questions seem odd; I'm an engineer with rather quirky methods.


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Bought the new "brick" and love it. Worth the price. The clamp style is more elegant, but the brick offers more in terms of ports and such. Highly recommended.


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Will keep the old MS dock since it still works at this point. I had a new dock for a few weeks while I tried out the SB, and the new dock was nice too. Didn't try running 2 4k monitors from it, though, since a number of people have found out you can't.