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Solved SP3 docking station ignores USB 2 devices


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The short story is that when I connect any USB 2 device to any USB port on the docking station, nothing happens. There's no error message, no lights on the devices, no indication that anything has happened at all. USB 3 devices works fine.

The details:
  • The same USB 2 devices work perfectly when plugged directly into the USB port on the Surface. The keyboard, mouse, USB 2 hub, etc, none work from the docking station in any port.
  • USB 3 devices work perfectly plugged into the docking station or directly to the Surface. My USB 3 hard disk, USB 3 hub, USB 3 phone.
  • Here's the cool part: I plug all my devices into my USB 3 hub. I plug the hub directly into the Surface Pro 3 and everything works perfectly. I unplug the hub and plug it into the back of the docking station... and only the USB 3 devices appear, the USB 2 devices are ignored! No lights on the devices, no error messages, no errors in Device manager.
  • Everything is up to date in Windows Update. I see people reporting quirkiness with the latest firmware, but I've searched extensively & haven't found anyone with this exact problem.
Microsoft Surface Support said I should return it to the store but my experience with PC hardware/software is telling me these symptoms are very unlikely to be a hardware problem.

I'm out of ideas. Suggestions?


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My hardware experience says that the dock is faulty, however, have you applied all the updates while docked?


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Agreed, updates must be performed while docked to get Dock updates but it sounds like an issue with the dock. Let us know what happens after all updates have been applied. If there's no change get a replacement.


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Thanks! By chance it's the last day to return it to staples so I'll let you know tonight. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for checking, I did do the updates connected to the dock. I wish it had been that easy :)