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how do you marl, drag and drop on the SP2


how do you mark, drag and drop on the SP2

Hi there!
Of course I'm talking about Desktop mode.
I'm looking for a way to mark a bunch of file/folders and copy or move them, but without using the keyboard. Haven't found a good way to do that yet.
I just filed a question about the button on the stylus, but I doubt that's any help here, hence I opened this extra thread.

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It's a pain to do without a mouse. The "easiest" thing to do is to probably use your stylus and tick the little checkboxes on each file. when you've got the ones you want selected, just tap and drag them to where they need to go (or tap and hold for the right click menu to get at cut/paste).

Alternatively, if you're trying to select all of the files in a folder, make sure you're in detsils view and you'll see a little checkbox appear at the top of the list. Ticking that will select all of the files in the folder. You can even uncheck individual files after selecting them all if you need to.

Hope this helps
Go to search and search for On Screen Keyboard (it isn't the same one you get from the keyboard button in taskbar). There you can press Ctrl or Shift and then tap on items to select them individually (Ctrl) or in a batch (Shift) just like you would with a keyboard and mouse.