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Regret factory reset of SP2


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As i was buying my replacement pen for SP2 I told the salesman (top man by the way) about how i dislike the fact that fingering a text box brings up the on screen keyboard even though I have the touch cover plugged in ready to go.

He told me others have done a factory reset to fix this. So i copied all my personal files onto external hard drive and went for it.

So before installing anything or connecting the keyboard i installed every update available.

Now it's worse than before. The touch cover doesn't work (only the mouse pad part does) and it also can not find my samsung TV for screen mirroring. Two of the most used functions of my SP2!

Where do i go from here? Another reset to try my luck?


I never do ANY updates or setup without my Surface plugged in and the keyboard attached. There are numerous posts about Windows Update failures because they were accomplished without the keyboard attached. Since you just wiped it, do it again, but this time plugged into AC and keyboard attached.
Groovy Baby i'll do that tonight.



I did a factory reset and had similar issues with drivers and firmware not being updated properly by Windows update and ending up with yellow triangles on devices in device manager. A bit of searching showed that what needed to be done is to download the February firmware update and then update all of the firmware and any missing drivers manually before letting Windows update run and attempting to update. After that let Windows update run and you will be fine.
sounds like something that should be sorted by now, nevermind ill give that a go. also, internet explorer is set to default on this page. seems really spammy to me?

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