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How do YOU watch movies (off line)


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Amazon Prime anyone? I had it anyway ... may as well use it. I don't have time to spend a day at the mall shopping... if you can't get it on Amazon you don't need it :)


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Using built in network sharing I transfer files to the surface over the home network. No need for usb or sd cards.
I use Mplayer classic for videos. Winamp for audio.
go to codecs.com for the latest codec pack to play most all formats in one simple pack (klite is what I use).

Yes but that only works when your on the network... doesn't work when you're on the road away from your network... so you still NEED USB and SD cards when traveling on a bus/train/plane for some hours and wanna watch a movie


At home I use Plex with all my devices but if I want anything stored on my SP3 I connect to my home network, download to the Surface and then transfer to my memory card.


I rip bluray movies from Redbox into mkv, and convert to mp4 thru handbreak.

That way I rent movies for $1.50 and finish at my own time.

Oh and also I use pled to access my movies from outside myhome