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How is your standby (sleep) battery?



I fully charged my SP4 two days ago and left it sleep. Today I checked that battery is down to 82%. Is it normal? How about yours?


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Mine goes down somewhere in the range of 0.5-1% per hour of sleep. I haven't kept it in sleep for longer than ~12 hours, however, so not sure if it scales better as it spends more time in hibernate.


Just switched back to CS from hibernation. I'm getting 7% drain per hour during sleep, 8.5% drain per hour during sleep if there is an external USB device (like a sound card) connected.


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I'm back on the "stock" Intel drivers, having had too many issues with the reference drivers from 12/22, and so I'm back to 7% or so per hour when sleeping. I've just set mine to hibernate after 30 minutes and it works mostly fine. I'd like better sleep battery life, but it's not a deal-breaker at this point.