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Battery loses 20%+ per day even when in sleep


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Hello all,

I've recently purchased a surface pro 4 I7 256GB.

One thing I've noticed is that even when I put the device to sleep, it loses about 20% battery per day, sometimes over 30%. I noticed this in the first week or two so I've actually tested it over the last few days - put the device to sleep, and the battery still goes down at 20% or sometimes more each day.

This seemed to happen even if I press the "battery saver" button.

If I shut the device down completely, it does not seem to lose any charge (as expected).

I also noted that is seems to me that it continues to lose charge in sleep even though the options are set to hibernate after 4 hours - surely after 4 hours it should hibernate and then stop losing any battery?

I guess my question is whether this is "normal" that you lose 20% or even sometimes 30% battery per day in sleep mode and the only way to conserve battery when off is to shut down completely?

I'm not used to these devices, but as an example, my experience with Ipads are that they hardly lose any battery (nothing like 20% per day anyway) when in sleep mode.

TIA for any help.


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This is a "feature" of Windows 10 that has been documented all I er the internet. It's a brand new OS that was released far before it was close to ready, and so it is alas just a case of waiting for MS to fix it.


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This is an known issue which Microsoft and Intel are working on relative to the implementation of the Power Management Technology introduced with Skylake. W10 adds it's own issues to the pile which are inexorably linked with SP4. SP4 and Windows 10 were intended to showcase their strengths although they also showcase their weaknesses as if there was a supernova in our solar system.


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We expect an update next week, I will report that with the latest build and the beta video driver I only loss 13% in CS/Hibernate last night on my SP4, that is an improvement.