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How to check actual Firmware UEFI version?


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Hi Folks,

I am having some real problem with the SP3 in a corporate environment. We have to have McAfee Drive Encryption installed by policy but it keeps locking up the Surface and not letting it boot. It is a known problem with McAfee DE and older versions of the surface UEFI BIOS, so my IT dept have allowed me to take DE off the device temporarily to get the firmware updated to the latest version.

The problem is, I can't seem to make the updates stick. I have installed the latest driver package from the MS download site, and the UEFI driver version in the Device Manager is showing as the latest 3.11.950 version. However, when I boot into the BIOS (Power + Volume UP), the version displayed is an older 2.x.x version.

Is this correct? Or should the version on the BIOS screen match the driver version?

If not, how can I confirm the flashed version of the UEFI code?

If so, how can I force-flash the UEFI code because Windows Update/MS Driver package doesn't seem to work.



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When I enter UEFI my "version" shows 2.16.1243. you might check one of your units that 'works" for comparison.
They just say check Installed Windows Updates for xx.xx.xx date in Update History.

The following updates will be listed as “System Firmware Update – 6/23/2015” when you view your update history.​
  • Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.950.0) adds support for new features in Windows 10.
which appears in update history as:
"System Firmware Update - 6/23/2015"

Here's a blog post about offline updating the Firmware


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You can use CPU Z to display the Firmware Version.
Download from http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
On the Mainboard Tab it will show BIOS version 3.11.0950


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Another way is to install the Surface Hub app and go to the last screen which has some useful info about the drivers and firmware versions.


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@seb101 ,

I wonder if the BIOS boot (Power + Volume UP) accesses a 32-bit UEFI protocol rather than the 64-bit native. Checking into this might be helpful.

Example of last page of Surface Hub app:

Screenshot (131).png


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even simpler... System Information app.
Listed in Administrative Tools or type System in search you'll see System Information.
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 3.11.0950, 6/5/2015

Screenshot (3).png

Admin Command Prompt
wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion
Screenshot (4).png

Get-WmiObject win32_bios
Screenshot (5).png
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Another way is to install the Surface Hub app and go to the last screen which has some useful info about the drivers and firmware versions.
Note: if you want to find this in the Store leave "Hub" off in the Search or you wont find it. Just search "Surface"