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How to confirm receipt of firmware update


How does one confirm that you've received the latest updates? I went to Device Manager and clicked on Firmware. Then, I checked the Properties/Driver dates for each of the five items listed. The most recent date for any of them was 1/29/2016, two were 1/17/2016, one from 12/4/2015, and the Surface Touch was from 5/1/2015.

If I have received the latest update from last week wouldn't one of these dates be more recent? Would someone who knows that they got the update check their Device Manager and see what the dates are for your driver dates? Thanks.

I know I can also check the Windows Update screen and it'll list the most recent updates. Still, I'm just wondering if i got it because I still have the black screen every so often after sleeping the type cover and my battery life is awfully small. Thanks.


There is an update entitled System Firmware Update, but the title listed on the Surface Pro 4 Update page is System Hardware Update. See the difference in the second word? How do I know that they are the same...or are they different? They both have the same date 2/17/2016 which makes me think they are the same but I'm just trying to confirm it.


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That's the update, specifically all of the individual components that were updated in the four main updates that were pushed.