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No Camera / Windows Hello in April Update


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I received no update on camera drivers and Windows Hello on the latest April Update. I checked the drivers and I am still running the old drivers. When I check to update, update settings says I have the latest updates. Here are my update logs and indeed there were no update for the camera drivers?



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That has happened to me twice, both only once after a major firmware update. A reboot fixed it both times. Don't know what to say.


Try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

I have just turned on Windows Hello after the update.. and am quite impressed by it.


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The April updates are now available for manual install. The Drivers and Firmware downloads section for the SP4 now has them incorporated into the installer. I didn't even have the April update showing at all in Windows Update but after manual install, the correct driver versions are shown for every device.

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I, too, was part of the group who did not get the updated camera drivers, even though Windows Update would report that my system is up-to-date.

Yes, finally they released the April 19th update as a download and then I was able to manually update the camera drivers.

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