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How to make Acronis 2014 work with Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2


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How to make Acronis 2014 work with Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2

With the help of Microsoft Support, I did resolve my issue.

But, for all other Acronis Users who will buy a Surface or a Surface Pro, or a Surface Pro 2, here is the STEP-BY-STEP procedure so that Acronis performs without problems (PLEASE INSERT THOSE INSTRUCTION INTO THE ACRONIS DATABASE):

1) Copy the Acronis Set-up file on the Surface computer
2) REMOVE the TOUCH or TYPE Keyboard (purchased with the Surface unit)
3) Using the DOCKING STATION (IF YOU PURCHASED ONE FOR YOUR Surface) or use an external USB HUB
4) Plug-into that HUB an external Mouse & Keyboard
5) Plug-into that HUB the USB key you want to set-up as an Acronis USB boot USB (Recovery)
6) Now, on the SURFACE or SURFACE PRO, Install ACRONIS
7) Shutdown
That will bring you into the UEFI menu
Disable the SECURE BOOT option
9) RESTART the SURFACE normally
10) Start ACRONIS
11) In TOOLS,create the Acronis Secure Zone and give it a confortable size (depending on the storage space you purchased)
12) Next, ACTIVATE, the F11 (Acronis Start UP Recovery Manager)
Note: For no. 11 and 12 above, if you did not disable the Secure Boot option in the UEFI, it will not work
13) Reboot
14) Create your USB Recovery USB key with Acronis Media Builder
- Now you can create your first Total IMAGE of your C drive on the ASZ partition that just have just created.
- And you can also create your first TOTAL backup on your USB key (Remember to remove the Touch or Type Microsoft Keyboard and to use your USB Hub + external keyboard)
15) Disconnect the External Keyboard, et re-install the Microsoft TOUCH or TYPE keyboard into your SURFACE


If you need to activate Acronis with the F11 key, REMOVE the Microsoft TOUCH or TYPE keyboard BEFORE pressing the F11 key and install an EXTERNAL mouse & keyboard.
If you need to use your Acronis USB recovery key, START your SURFACE holding the VOLUME key UP until you see the Acronis Boot menu and SELECT 1 (Acronis) (Microsoft Type or Touch keyboard must be removed)
NOTE: You will need an EXTERNAL KEYBOARD and a HUB (or the DOCKING STATION) where you insert the Acronis USB key AND the external keyboard AND mouse.

I did all that on a SURFACE PRO 2 - 512 GB and everything works perfectly.