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How to play two videos simultaneously using xbox video and Desktop


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Yes, Desktop.

I updated my blog earlier and thought of sharing this with you folks. The text is exactly as it appears in my blog, so here goes.

What? Why would you want to do that? Anyway, if you find it useful watching two videos simultaneously on the Surface RT, read on.

xbox video is not the only video player. Yes, in the Desktop mode you will not find the usual Windows Media Player, but there is another player and this is how to set it up.

First, the Photo Viewer can be used to play video. Select any video format that is supported and select the Picture Viewer to play the video.


In the previous screenshot, you'll see the video being played in snapped view, while the Desktop is in filled view.

Here is the video playback now in filled view, and the Desktop in snapped view.


Then using using the xbox video, select another video file, and you can play it simultaneously with the first video.


The xbox video playback is in filled mode, and the Desktop video playback (now showing Wrong Turn) in snapped mode. The audio will be played simultaneously too, so there. I'm just showing how you can do this weird stuff.

Enjoy your Surface RT like I do!