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How to remove unwanted user folders from c:\users


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Hi All, Just got my hands on a Surface (which I'm loving so far...), but was frustrated by a problem in the C:\Users folder. I had created a temp/test user during my playing and I couldn't get the associated User folder to permanently delete, even though the temp/test user account had been removed. The folder was being recreated on restart, with a single file TextHarvester.dat


So far this fix seems to be working:

I uninstalled Windows Search from Control Panel (Programs & Features, click "Turn Windows features on or off", then untick "Windows Search"), deleted the unwanted folder, reinstalled Windows Search, and then rebooted.

Here is a thread which discusses the problem in more detail, and where I found this solution. Fingers crossed it won't come back any time soon.


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I agree Trenton. This is the correct way to remove unwanted accounts, but I could not get the associated user folder under C:\Users to permanently delete. It would continue to be recreated at each restart. The offending folder only contained TextHarvester.dat which doesn't take up much space. However, it was bugging me that the folder kept returning even after the user account had been properly removed via the Control Panel.