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How to Restore Surface Pro 3 System Image?

July Fish

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I found some articles in this forum about system image recovery but it does not work for me, so please excuse for posting this thread.

First I created a system image by Control Panel -> File History -> System Image Backup, ad saved the backup to an external hard disk.

Then I created a Recovery USB drive by searching Recovery, then found Create A Recovery Drive, I copied the Recovery Partition and not deleted from my SP3.

Now when I tried to restore, I swiped from the right and select Settings -> Change PC Setting -> Update and Recovery ->Recovery -> Advanced Startup, and select USB drive, the SP3 restarted, trying to boot from the USB drive, but got an error something like "Windows fails to boot, get a Windows installation CD/drive....".

How come I cannot boot from the Recovery USB drive? Is there any other way e.g. I already have the Recovery Partition in my SP3.

Your help / advice will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Do you have Windows 10 installed? I believe you will have to delete the partition to get it to boot the USB.
Also the USB must be Fat32.


Is this run off a hidden Partition on SP3 or just a "current snapshot" of SP3? I am guessing I should make this.. question is.. do I do this NOW (only Chrome installed) or after Windows/ System Update with some fixes/ updates/ patches?