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Good afternoon folks,

Name: Patrick
Age: 21
From: Germany
Device: Surface 32 GB and i cannot wait for the Surface Phone ;-)

I just read some posts in this forum and i am happy to be part of this community ;-)

So far
Awesome Patrick nice to have you here buddy!
I too heard about this surface phone with rumours, leaks and concept design.
Thanks for the nice words.

I just read some articles couple days ago, that Microsoft is testing the Surface Phone already and rumours saying that it could be released in the first half of 2013. I'm excited.

I kinda liked the design of the iPhone 5, but I'm just not the apple type. So when I first saw pictures of the MS Surface Phone i fell in love. Hopefully the rumours are proven right.

By the way: do we have a rumour thread? Thanks for the kind words again. Excellent forum here.

That's alright patrick :)
uhhh I think the Microsoft surface news and announcement thread has latest updates but a simple Google search should do the trick.
Welcome aboard! First time I've heard about a Surface phone. I'm due for a new one in a few weeks.
Welcome Patrick, we hope you'll enjoy your time with this forum :)
I'm not aware of any rumors thread about windows-phone, but you could start one at the off-topic-area. If the Phone will see an actual release, there's always the option to add a subforum.