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How's the Touch Cover's touchpad?


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The touchpad buttons are a bit different and take some getting used to being on the edge of the touch cover. I like the touch cover for it's portability, but do tend not to use it for most general usage. My Surface usage is mostly personal time and I would probably use the touch cover or even switch to a type cover if I was using the Surface as a business machine. Either way I've been impressed with the Surface and both of the covers.


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touchpad is better

I found the touchpad on the touch cover better than the type cover's (unfortuanately). I was sold on the type cover but its right click button needs some work, and I opted for the touch cover. I found randomly every other right click wouldn't click (type cover), and I tried multiple type covers. It's like you can slide and touch on the buttons and them click them and the software gets confused. In other words, I had to carefully lift my tracking hand each time I wanted to successfully right click. See my "Touchpad better on touch than type" thread in the accessories forum.
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