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Type Cover 2 touchpad gestures stop working after closing cover


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My current configuration is Surface Pro 1 + Touch Cover 2.

Whether the setting 'When I close the lid' is set to 'do nothing' or 'sleep' it doesn't matter.

Close the cover and wait 5 seconds for windows to recognise the cover is closed.
Open the cover. If it was set to sleep, wake up the surface pro.

All the touchpad gestures stop working. This includes:
- Swipe in from left or right.
- Two finger inertial scrolling (in file explorer, it will scroll but in steps like a mouse wheel)
- Pinch zoom
- Double tap and drag (introduced in Windows 8.1 Update)

To get this functionality back you either have to unplug/replug the Type Cover 2. Or reboot Windows.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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I get a problem that has the same solution where if I unhook it and hook it back in (my touch cover 2) it fixes it.

Sometimes I am typing and the keyboard stops working. The trackpad continues to work, but the keyboard is completely dead.
It's happened to me very occasionally. Like really rarely, but simply reattaching the Type Cover 2 fixed the issue.

It's a bit inconvenient, but not unsolvable.