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HP Envy X2 Core M


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what? you hoping to win the Pulitzer prize or something?

You killed me :D:D:D


hahaha that WAS funny... I'm sure it has nothing to do with proper context/subject/section or anything like that

Feel free to shunt all of the Core M, Yoga 3 Pro, Dell Latitude pro 7000, and Apple threads in here then. Seriously, mods trolling posters in a Windows forum lol - what a joke.

What why am I here ... oh well
I wonder if the HP will perform better than the Lenovo.

I think it probably will, just because it's incredibly bulky/heavy. If it doesn't, then HP's designers should really focus on some other revenue streams. I always wondered why with a name like HP, that they didn't try and tie in the idea of HP from videogames - and offer products with incredibly battery life in the way HP = life. Pretty much everyone 30 and under in their core demographic would respond to that.


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My initial impression of the new HP X2: in a word uninspiring but it might appeal to some as a MBA alternative.


Not sure if serious. Once the original thread is off the front-page of the SP3 forum, no one will ever post in here ever again. There have been only 4 threads started in this section. I figured what with the various Core-M threads that popped up in the SP3 forum over the past few months, this was fair game. Apparently not - same thing like on the MacRumors forum, where the moment anyone mentions Android or Windows, the thread is taken out back and shot, left to die in the 'alternatives' subsection (which at least receives a modicum of traffic unlike on this forum). I must be joking? No, you must be joking.

I think a lot of members here prove you wrong, this section is less threads just because too less competitor to the Surface.;)


Has anyone seen the 15.6-inch version of this "hybrid"? I can't see how anyone could ever use it as a tablet.

Have seen it at best buy - it's pretty much just portable within your house/apartment - far to large to bother taking anywhere remote. The 13.3 inch version is also incredibly hefty. I couldn't imagine taking it to school or anything like that as it'd just be a huge distraction to everyone sitting beside/behind me.


I don't even see the point of making it detachable if the screen is going to be that large. That thing is just a laptop. Plain and simple.