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HTC to release 12" and 7" Windows RT tablets

Nokia also seems to get their RT-Tablet pushed to markets in Q1 of 2013. For me it's just a consequential step, while traditional PC-manufacturer are more focusing on x86-based computer/hybrids, companies like htc or nokia have more experience in arm-bases products. At the end it could be a win-situation for Windows RT users - think of the effort Nokia is putting in creating their own apps for WP.
Wonder if Nokia's Windows RT tablet will have exclusive apps like their Lumina Windows Phone's.
All of the OEMs have the ability to have their own exclusive Windows Store where they can have their own Apps for their devices, I believe HP and Dell already have set theirs up. This also how we get the Picks for Surface in the Store as well as the Touch Pad App.
Not surprised, but I'm not a fan either as I feel like the Nokia exclusives have fragmented Windows Phone. I bought the best Windows Phone for myself and then Nokia paid developers to port or create apps that are only available on the Lumia's. Wouldn't be as grating if the Lumia was an option at the time I bought my phone and Microsoft wasn't paying Nokia. I completely understand from Nokia's perspective, but I don't feel like it was good for the Windows Phone ecosystem. As for the Surface Picks, the Touch Pad app is likely the only app that won't be available for other devices, which isn't a big deal since it wouldn't work. This is a bit different then the situation that exists with Windows Phone and Nokia's exclusives. Hoping for the best.
From what I understand Nokia will eventually release the Nokia Exclusives on Phone 8 to other devices, not sure when though and if they'll charge for them....The OEMs need something from MS to differentiate themselves from the others and with RT doesn't support Bloatware :D so they need something to entice extra dollars out of us poor consumers ;)
I'm fine if they charge for it. I'm willing to pay for a good product. I just don't like feeling forced into a brand of hardware to get access to software. That said I think that Nokia did a great job with the Lumina 920. Impressive device. If they pull off a similar effort in a tablet, I might be willing to switch. HTC really needs to get back in the game. Lately their devices haven't really impressed me like they have in the past.
Nokia has done more for WP than HTC or Samsung, if they are going after big name Apps and getting limited time exclusivity (which is what they are) there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing stopping HTC and Samsung to do the same to get these apps to Windows Phone, yet they don't because all they care about is Android.
While I don't disagree the HTC and Samsung could do more and produce better hardware, there is one major difference in the fact that Nokia is being paid by Microsoft and then turning around and using that money to entice developers for exclusive apps. Windows Phone would be better off if Microsoft used the money it was paying Nokia to entice developers to bring select apps to the whole Windows Phone eco-system. I don't feel the division is good for the platform, which should be job one for Microsoft. But again Microsoft doesn't seem to see it that way since they are release Xbox Live Games and SmartGlass on competing platforms. Microsoft's stance is a bit different than Google's or Apple's. Either way I just want good high quality apps and I'm willing to pay for them.