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I sold my SB2


I have had my SB2 i7 16GB since late December, and have sold it.
Well it wasn't because I was having any issues with it, it worked pretty much as advertised.

Well then why did I sell it?

1. I wasn't using it much at all. I tend to use my SP4 a lot more, especially during travel. Of which I do quite a bit.
2. When at home, I tend to use the XPS 15 more, mainly for Netflix and running VM's where the 32 GB of RAM plays a role.
3. I 'want' the 15 inch model of the SB2. :p Why? Because I like it. I certainly could do with more screen real estate.

The 1060 card is fairly meaningless to me, since I do not game or use Photoshop etc.
I will probably end up getting rid of the XPS as well, in the future. Lets see.


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The SB2 you sold, I would assume is 13 inches? If so, then I'm sure you'll love the 15" variant. I'm using the 15" and it is fantastic. I have an SP4 as well, and had the first SB. The 15" albeit heavier, is really pleasant to work with.


Yup the 13 inch variant. Probably switched on a dozen times since I bought it.
I now am really in a quandary whether to buy the 15 in model or not. We shall see..

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