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SB2 Power button


I just recently went for it and picked up a new SB2 i7/512GB 13" and really enjoy it. I also have a SP3 and SP4. Using the latter mostly for business and the SB2 as another option for business and personal when travelling depending on how much horsepower I want to have.

I like it a lot for playing some lesser titles, Overwatch, Knights of the Old Republic, StarCraft II all run really well. so when I'm travelling and want to bring a little entertainment with me the SB2 goes into my bag. Otherwise the SP4 does the trick still for me for just about all business functions that I have in the past few years.

I have found that more often with my new SB2 that I accidentally hit the power button when I'm putting it away in it's sleeve (picked up one from the MSFT store with a zipper) or even moving it about. I just thought I'd note it as one of the oddities in comparison to a traditional laptop with the power button on the "inside". For whatever reason I've never encountered this on the SP4, I suspect it might be because of the type cover and the material border that gives a little extra edge over the button.

Anyone else notice this?