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I5 128GB with GPU gone?


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Anyone hear anything about the I5 128GB model with the GPU disappearing off the MS Store's website?


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Nothing, same as when it appeared. Maybe it never existed and the whole here today, gone tomorrow was just a mistake.


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Well, I have one on order:

roducts in your order:

Microsoft Surface Book - 128GB / Intel Core i5
Ships by October 26
Unit price: $1,699.00 1 $1,699.00

Subtotal: $1,699.00
Sales tax: $140.17

Total: $1,839.17
thanks for making me feel better... lol
Glad you were able to get one, hopefully they put it back up. At the moment that $200 difference was the only reason I was going to be able to get one. Christmas is coming up and I have to get a Surface 3, with a keyboard, and a Tab S2 8 inch.


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Well, think about it - they can just make those from the components of the other units, so it's not a great mystery that they ended up offering them. I almost wonder if it was a situation where they had a supply of GPU keyboards and a supply of that configuration of clipboard screens, so just decided to make a limited supply of them. Maybe even as a little test to see how it sold.
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