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I5 8gb 256gb with dgpu - Witcher 3 performance in 720p?


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Hi all.. im trying to decide on the i5 or the i7 version of the Surface Book. Both the 8gb, 256gb with dgpu versions. I will be using it mainly for study but would really like to play Witcher 3 every now and then.. Is there anyone who can confirm what fps the game gets on the i5 at 720p low and medium settings. Cheers.


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I can't say for Witcher 3, but when I moved from the i5 to the i7 I got 5-15 more FPS in Diablo 3 with same settings [1920 x 1080 medium settings, max textures].


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I haven't even bothered to install Witcher 3 on my i7, it simply won't run enjoyably. Fallout 4, Battlefield 4 and GTA V play really well and tons of older games of course, but Witcher 3 is just too demanding. There are a couple of videos on Youtube you could check out of gameplay.

I'm currently enjoying Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Off World Trading Co on mine when on the go.


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Hey guys. Cheers for the replies. I have seen the i7 8gb play Witcher 3 at 720p on medium settings with the fps being around 30-40. And so really want to know if the i5 version will be relatively the same because those settings are fine for me but would ideally like to have that kind of framerate.
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