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Surface Book/i5/256gb/dGPU Video editing issues


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Hey there,
I got a question regarding the video editing abilities of the Surface Book (1st) and your help would be much appreciated.

I wanted to edit a little video (1080p, 60 fps, captured on iPhone) for some friends of mine, which means that i unfortunately don't own any video editing software, thus I have to resort to freeware like Hitfilm.
Now, when I load the file into HitFilm, the preview/output in Hitfilm just lags all the time and doesn't produce a stable video at all.
Now my question is, if my Surface Book configuration (i5, 256gb, dGPU) is just to weak to edit 1080p/60fps videos(even with the dGPU) or did I do anything else wrong like using a wrong software?

Thank you very much in advance!


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I've got the Performance Base and my GPU recently stopped working with Adobe Premiere. Video editing sometimes lags and even simple animations make the preview footage lag a lot.


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I don't remember if nvidia control panel is installed with the custom video card drivers for the first gen surface book. It *SHOULD* Be. The only thing I can suggest is to go into control panel, double click on nvidia control panel, select "manage 3d settings" from the menu on the left. When that page opens, select the "Program Settings" tab. It'll take a few seconds to populate. Then in the drop down box find your software [Hitfilm, Adobe w/e]

in the dropdown box labeled #2, it will say "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program: MAKE SURE it either says "Global setting (auto select Nvidia GPU) or High-performance Nvidia Processor.

This will make sure you're actually running on dGPU instead of intel.

Unfortunately the 1st gen SB Has a custom OEM nvidia card, so it won't easily update with the drivers from nvidia.com (you'd have to google how to do it, I forget. . but it involves modifying the .inf file to add the custom card IIRC)

If that doesn't help, it's either the program not being optimized or just too much for the hardware [amounts to same thing]