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icon issue


I actually noticed this 2 or 3 times with my first SP2. Ended up returning it and waiting for them to restock.
I honestly have no idea how to solve it, but hopefully someone else does.


Size of icons, align or auto? I use small with align to grid, icons have always remained as I've left them.


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This could happen if at some point there was a resolution change. If the resolution changes to lower than what the icons are layed out to, they will be repositioned to fit the new resolution. Some applications will change resolution, like games. I have starcraft 2 changing resolution to 720p. If this is the issue you are having, you can make sure to keep your icons in the upper left so they keep withing the lower resolution as well.

Or it could be some other weird thing :)


Sometimes when i startup or go into desktop mode i find my icons are moved around
Very annoying
How to stop this from happening

Do a Google search for this little utility called ICONOID --been using it for years--It will keep your Icons where you put them and has a few other nice features..