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Big issue...help?


Hi there folks, got a bit of a weird one here. Not sure if I should blame myself or Microsoft because it's a very strange one. I plugged in an external monitor (MiniDP to VGA) and tried to get it to accept extended display. Everytime I did it flickered, froze and rebooted. After this I gave up rebooted and now some of my metro apps don't have icons and nothing (and I mean nothing) works in metro. Apps won't load, they just go to the background colour and most annoyingly PC settings won't load so I can't boot to advanced options and try to recover...

  1. How do I boot a surface to recovery/advanced options (or even safe mode) without using "PC settings"
  2. Has anyone seen or experienced anything like this?
  3. Any ideas of a fix?

Thanks so much for your help. I did try to find an answer myself but I'm coming up empty since "PC settings" won't load.


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If you didn't make a recovery USB. First I'd try pressing the power button and the volume up button at the same time and don't let go until you see the word Surface.


Thanks for the advice, managed to sort it using system restore. Very strange error, I think it struggles with MiniDP to VGA to VGA because my DVI-D screen is working a treat.