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Icons on Tablet View


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New to Surface Pros and thus new to this forum, so, apologies if this question is covered in an obvious location elsewhere on this site.

I have a SPro 6. It did not come with Office, so I installed a version of office with Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc... under tablet view, the icons do not show, but under desktop view they do show up. I can right click on them in desktop view and click on "pin to home page" and they show up on my tablet view. However, they show up as gray boxes without the Word, Excel, Outlook icon pictures. When I click on them in tablet view to activate the app, nothing happens. However, when I click on them in desktop view, they run just fine.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Ideas? Also, is there a way to edit the icons to add color or art work?

Thanks, Henry

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