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Idea Regarding Wavy Diagonal Lines Using Pen


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Alright, so I'm sure most of you are aware of the issue with drawing slow diagonal lines at this point. If you happen to be unaware, I'm referring to this issue which is yet to be completely resolved ( http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...n-inking/78c138e5-50db-4544-a988-6023a84b9675 ).

I recently picked up a SP2 for drawing, since every SP3 I used in store had this same problem. Even writing notes looked really rough (this could be worse with display models running low on batteries, but it seems to be an inherit issue wit N-trig technology to an extent). I love the SP2, and the only thing stopping me from taking it back for a SP3 is the jagged line issue which seems like it would give me a lot of trouble when inking.

Now I had an idea I'd appreciate someone with a SP3 testing out. Perhaps the pen "noise" is exacerbated by the screen having such a high DPI, and the digitizer's effective "DPI" not being enough to match it. So could anyone do some quick tests on lower display resolutions to see if the jagged lines with drawing slow are made better at all? Even a slight improvement would be a fine tradeoff to me since the resolution is already so good.

This is really the only thing keeping me from upgrading, so if any SP3 artists can chime in (especially if you use Manga Studio / PaintTool SAI) with their experiences regarding this issue I'd be thankful


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I used to think this was a design flaw - however, when I held a ruler to the screen and drew a line along it, the line was perfectly straight.


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The easiest solution would be: draw it faster. Seriously, if you flick the pen in a second, youd get no wave at all. As what Liam mentioned, you could use a ruler to aid the line. Try adding a rubber feet to the ruler if it keeps moving on your SP3's slick screen


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This same complaint has been voiced for a bunch of different Android tablets as well. I know we aren't talking about the same digitizer or pen but the outcome is the same, including being able to draw a straight line using a straight edge.
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