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Did they fix the wavy diagonal lines?


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Did they fix the wavy/jittery diagonal lines issue discussed in the thread below? I can't find anything indicating that MS ever fixed it where the SP3 is concerned, but maybe they did with the SP4. I was very disappointed with the SP3 and returned it for a full refund when I discovered that I couldn't draw straight diagonal lines, something that I can easily do with my old Intuos 4. If they have fixed it with the SP4, I'll definitely consider the SP4 over the iPad Pro which even if the pen... err... pencil... turns out to be perfect, is going to be severely lacking in the software department vs good old Windows.

I'm really interested to find this out too. Does anyone have a Microsoft store or similar locally where they could try this out? I love drawing on my SP3 but I draw slowly and most curves and diagonal lines look awful. If this is fixed I think it will be the tipping point for me to upgrade.
I stumbled across that one yesterday as well. Nice find. It does look a lot better. It appears that he was drawing at a fairly upright angle with very little support. I couldn't even get diagonal lines as straight as that using a plastic ruler with the Surface Pro 3 lying on a flat table! So maybe not completely gone, but definitely an improvement from what I can see. Whether that is good enough, I can't say, but it's very encouraging!