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Incorrect battery capacity


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Hello all I am new to the forum and am typing this on my wonderful surface pro 2 tablet and I would be appreciative of any help I can get. So my issue is that about a week ago my tablet just revved up to approximately 30 percent CPU usage and in trying to find thru culprit I narrowed it down to the ACPI battery driver. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it through thru device manager which somewhat helped with the problem and that's where my issue is. Now the battery displays an incorrect battery capacity of 25000 mWh when it is 39000 out of the optimal 42000. I recalibrated the battery twice and got it to display 39000 with 100% and then when you put it to sleep after some use or restart it, it always displays 25000 as the capacity and the percentage would be 100% if is above 25000. I used battery bar and batterymon to display it twice, and even restored the tablet and installed all the updates; reinstalled the acpi driver again and nothing is working. I believe this is a software issue as I can get the 39000 mwh charge out of it but the capacity is displayed incorrectly. Please help this is driving me crazy, thank you
try a hard reset. This battery bug will probably be here until a new firmware update after the Holidays.
Hard reset is like this:
Hold Down: volume up button and power on button at least 15 sec (flashing and on/off screen will occur)
Now turn on your surface normally after, should Work again.
...note that this fix only seems to work for a couple of days, then the capacity reverts back to being reported incorrectly again (at least that's the experience of myself and a couple of other members of this forum), so be prepared to do this every couple of days. I've sort of given worrying about it now though, doesn't seem to affect my daily other than being really annoying.
I'm hoping that this bug really is only as matter of incorrect reporting, and that it doesn't also affect the charging process (inadvertently resulting in some more serious damage/battery wear :-()
Ok thanks it did work but as creative said I am expecting it to revert back to the incorrect capacity; are many others experiencing similar issues
yeah true will probably return, mine held for 4 days.
Can the hard reset somehow damage the system, if done too often?! :(