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Insider Build 10586/Surface Dock/4K Monitor


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Finally some joy with my i7/512GB Surface Book, Surface Dock and my Dell 4K monitor connected through the minidisplayport.

After my upgrade to the latest Win10 build, I have gone the entire day (8 hours and counting) without a single screen flicker or display driver crash.

After the upgrade to the latest insider build version, I immediately ran windows update again which reinstalled the 11/2 firmware update (I had done it before but it came up again) and, since then, zero display problems.

I hope this note doesn't jinx it but I wanted to share some good news with the dock.


That is promising news. Does anyone with two 4K monitors run the Insider build? I'm curious if we're finally going to get the two 4K support we were promised.

Travelguy, I assume your 4K is running at 60 Hz, yes?