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Surface Book Docking - Either some monitors display or not all the time.


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So I think it's always been a "thing" where using the surface dock with multiple monitors it will either work and display all monitors, or sometimes just one monitor (and will have to do into display properties and "extend" the other disconnected one) or NO monitors will display and in the display settings, show both monitors disconnected and will either have to play with reseeding the power to the docking station to get them back or doing that AND restarting the machine. All sorts of different combinations might work. Most our monitors are DisplayPort to Mini Display Port to the surface docking stations. I've tried "higher end" DP 2 MDP cables to handle 4K better but no different cords have really made a difference. Has anyone really figured out the special cable that always works or combination? It can be with Surface Book 1/2/3

I've also always gone through installing the software so that it updates the docking station firmware to the latest, as well as, updating the GPU and setting it as primary.

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