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Installing programs question

Arizona Willie

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I wanted to install Dragon Naturally Speaking on my SP so I rounded up the disk and then realized ---- the SP doesn't have a dvd drive :(
And I don't have an external one for USB.

Any suggestions on how to install programs that come on disks?

Tom T

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I just got a usb combo cd/dvd drive from Amazon for $16 and change plus free 2 day shipping because I have a Prime membership. It doesn't write to dvd of course but it comes in quite handy.


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We purchased an external unit for our line of TPT2's but rarely use it. I would suggest a USB copy or Network share.
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

Active Member
Well, I was just eaten up with a severe case of dumbass.

All I had to do was share my DVD drive and then open Explorer on the SP and direct it to the DVD drive and run setup.exe and voila! it installed on my SP.

I must have banged my head or something and got it working again, because this morning I remembered I had installed a lot of programs on the SP from the Downloads directory on my Desktop computer, and I realized all I had to do was run the disk from the DVD drive and it was the same as running an install program from the Downloads directory.

No external drive for the SP needed, just my wireless network.

I feel so stupid ... feels like I've been re-incarnated as a politician.


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I feel so stupid ... feels like I've been re-incarnated as a politician.
Willie --

Hopefully, not quite that stupid.

Glad you found a solution.

If there was a prize or a plaque for "Dumbass," it would have to be given out in multiple copies, and most of us here would have earned one (or more).

Take care,
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