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Intel core M vs i3 SP3


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The base model of SP4 has an intel core M. Any ideas on the performance of those, vs the i3 SP3? Isn't Intel Core M much lower performance?


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I guess you didn't watch the live event this morning. Microsoft says the Surface Pro 4 is thirty percent faster than the Surface Pro 3.


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Haven't seen anything on this yet... but I wouldn't think it's much lower if any... even though they used the lowest end Core m3. last year Anandtech had an article about how a base model Broadwell Core-M outperformed higher model Core-Ms. It's all about the rest of the system design and how it's tuned for power management so we wont really know until it's in someone's hands and gets tested.


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I read the press release, I was not able to watch it, but that could be the i7 Model, it may not be true for all. I felt like it was a valid question.


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If the numbers from 5th Gen CPU benchmarks translate to the 6th Gen Skylake M/U SKUs, you can expect about 3 quarters of the performance from the core-M variations when compared to ULV variants.

In terms of single thread performance, there's really no noticable difference.

As for graphics, take a look at this comparison between the iHDG 515 used in core M VS the 520 in core I (Intel Skylake Graphics Performance Shows Up - Iris Graphics 540, HD Graphcis 520, HD Graphics 515 Featured on Skylake-Y and Skylake-U CPUs). Pretty damn impressive for having 1/3 the TDP.

On the bright side, you'll probably get +33% battery life (assuming the internal battery size is the same) between the two.

Intel Core M-5Y10 vs. Intel Core i3-5010U - Benchmark & CPU Comparison - compare CPU at cpu-monkey
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