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The Pro 4 and Intel's Core M

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Been doing some light (okay, obsessive) research on the Core M based on speculation that it might be used in the Pro 4. The only products on the market right now that run the Core M are using the standard 4.5 watt TDP, so I don't think they are good to use as benchmarks for the M's potential power. Therefore, on to the theorycrafting:


Comparing the i5 used in the SP3 with the top-end Core M available now: Same number of cores/threads. Both have a max turbo of 2.9GHz. Core M's base frequency at the 6w TDP configuration is 1.4, i5 is 1.9. i5 runs HD4400, M runs HD5300. i5 has a 3M cache, M has a 4M.

To get to the point: The thing that made me hold off on purchasing an SP3 were the reports of poor heat management that led to stringent throttling, a problem that further compounded itself by making performance worse when running while charging. The limiting factor for the machines that run the Core M right now is also heat management, but those devices aren't active cooled or vented. If the SP4 uses the same form factor as the SP3, I'm assuming that an active cooled 5Y71 6W configuration would have no problems hitting its maximum capability and staying there , charging or not. I'm not looking for any improvement in performance with a Core M on the SP4, but rather, the performance that the SP3 is capable of under ideal circumstances all the time. If the battery lasts longer, all the better.

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