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Intel Graphic drivers?


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Is it ok to install the latest drivers directly from the Intel site or does it tend to be best to wait for official Microsoft releases when it comes to the surface.


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Personally, I think it's best to wait for Microsoft to release drivers customized to my Surface Pro 2. You'll find that others are comfortable with installing Intel's latest drivers. At the very least, create a System Restore file prior to updating should you discover the reasons it's better to wait ;-)


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I like to install the latest from Intel as I like to get the most performance out of my surface. I play Starcraft 2 on my SP2. Have had no issues installing the latest drivers from Intel, even the beta ones.


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There certainly is no danger in installing the drivers directly from Intel; however, there are known cases where Windows Update overwrites them and reverts to the Microsoft versions.

Two firmware updates ago, my DisplayPort daisy-chain setup was broken by that update. The only resolution I ever found was to reinstall the drivers directly from Intel.