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Intel Graphics Drivers not being updated through firmware updates


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Guys I just noticed that my Intel HD Driver is still even though I have completed all updates and have been doing firmware updates whenever they are released.

The driver version is supposed to be v10.18.10.3431 according to the Microsoft site. Any idea what could be happening and how I can install the updated driver?

thanks in advance!


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I wonder if that's related... Mine updated to the current version without issue, but it's a 4300.


Perhaps need to wait till the driver pack is available from Microsoft such as this one and then manually update: Download Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 firmware and driver packs from Official Microsoft Download Center

However I have no idea why windows update is not updating all the drivers. Is there any way to check current installed firmware for the Type Cover 2?

AFAICT FW updates have been accompanied by essentially no information about what's being changed. Last month I was looking for a clue about the size of the FW binary of Feb 11. I'd received two FW updates both labeled as "Feb 11". I reasoned if they were the same size, the second was probably a repeat. I didn't find even a hint about the answer--there may be one but it sure is well-hidden.

The Intel driver on my 4300u is also 3431, 2014-02-20.