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Intel HD Graphics Driver saturation reset


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Hi guys, I got my hands on Surface Pro 3 a week ago, and right after I got my surface I uninstalled the original graphics driver and installed the driver Intel provided.
And I am really happy that I could customize my display colors(specifically saturation) after installing the driver. But now I encounter a problem is that every time my surface went to sleep and after I wake it(or log in) the display just resets to its original state.
I went to the control panel and all the color sliders remain same as I set it before.
Is there a solution for this issue? If there is, please let me know. I really want to fix this, the initial colors of the display are too dim for me.

My device is the I5 256G version.


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Windows installed intel drivers again via own update service. and you need to uninstall it and install Intel provided version.

But I`m expirienced similar problem and cannot find the way to disable windows autoupdate for this driver. Maybe someone know how to do it.

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