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Hi everybody,
I have a few questions regarding recommended drivers for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display adapter. I have read on this forum and elsewhere that the recommended course of action, is to use the display adapter drivers provided through Windows Update, exclusively. However, I have read conflicting recommendations elsewhere. Due to the battery life limitations of the Surface Pro 1, my aim is to be afforded maximum power efficiency.
In consideration of this, which driver is recommended?

In addition, I would like to install the HD Graphics Control Panel application, but not necessarily the associated drivers from Intel. Incidentally, I appreciate the color configuration options--most specifically, it is nice to sometimes decrease the saturation entirely, to grayscale, which reduces eye fatigue, I think. Is it possible to install the Control Panel as a stand-alone application? If so, how does one do so?

My apologies if these are particularly obvious questions.

Any reply is greatly appreciated.


Hi everybody, I think that this post became lost in the morass. I'm still looking for a solution to install Intel HD Control Panel without sacrificing battery life or performance.

If anybody spots this and can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

If I've breached a forum policy by bumping a thread this old, please somebody scold me.


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In contrast to manufacture's website, where You can find the lates drivers with many performance and battery life improvements, Windows Update service provides outdated ones. In addition, for unknown reasons installing them through WU prevents You from using Intel HD Control Panel, as You said earlier. Also remember that Intel HD Control Panel creates a few separate processes in yours computer memory what has a negative impact on battery life. Personally, I am using Windows 10 with newest Intel drivers and Firmware Pack. I hope that my reply was useful.