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Is 8.1 able to be custom installed plus ftp programme?


I'm an iPad owner who's very interested in abandoning Apple's iPad after playing frequently on a Surface RT at a retailer in NZ. Had Apple computers since the early 1990s and edit a magazine, format booklets and pamphlets on a provided Mac Book Pro which runs the Adobe programmes. I have become enchanted by the RT device for my personal needs and also for web site design. I work as a volunteer for what I do in web and print design. Have been reading everything I can find about Microsoft Surfaces and the upcoming Nokia RT.

I have found an app on the Windows store for writing html and css.

But, I need to know the following:

1. Can I do a custom install with 8.1? — I don't need any games and would prefer not to install any. Would it save space if they were not installed and does uninstalling leave 'things' pertaining to them in the registry?

2. Does Explorer or a programme or is there a good app for ftp with bookmarks?


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Custom installed? It's my understanding that tablet OSes in general are baked together with the hardware. I've never seen any tablet OS version for sale separately. This isn't a desktop version like Windows... That said, the RT installations on tablet devices should be pretty bare-bones anyway precisely because it's a tablet OS, with the exception of MS Office RT, which takes up a lot of space (but I believe you can just uninstall that if you want to save space). There are no preinstalled games nor much else beyond Office (but there are a lot more built-in Windows utilities compared to iOS/Android).

I haven't looked into an FTP app for the Surface RT, though I do know they exist in one form or another in the app store. Web FTP should work fine because WinRT comes with full IE11, though I haven't tried it with my domain provider yet.

If you want to install your own programs outside of what's available in the Windows app store, though, you're better off getting a full Windows 8 device, not Surface RT. In general for Windows RT, you can only install what's in the app store. If you don't care about that kind of custom installation, then the RT is certainly a good candidate.