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I,ve had a surface pro 3 now since 2014 , its the i5 8gb ram 256gb hd running windows 10 pro

The machine still runs perfect has had no issues with it although the batterys not great on it at the min around 4-5 hours off a full charge

ive kept a keen eye on surface releases and pondered upgrading but theres never been that much of a upgrade to sway me to do it

i love the surface range and when i upgrade it will be surface , i work offshore and travel alot so the surface suits me perfect

What am asking is apart from battery life being abit better what else am i getting

Also if you were in my position would you upgrade to the 6 now or wait for the 7

Ive heard instead of a upgrade there will be a dramatic re design for next upgrade does any one know or heard any similar rumours

Cheers Sean

I also posted same thread in s6 to get opinion of people who own s6 i hope its ok ive posted in general chat to


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I know this is kind of late, but I am in a similar position as the OP. I have SP4 and it works just fine except for battery-life. Seems to die out in about 3-4 hours. I could either get the SP6 or wait for the SP7. As of now, since I work mainly attached to the mains, the battery is not really a big issue, but sometimes when I travel, it sucks! That said, what is the refresh cycle for the SP line? If I can stretch to the SP7 (and they have it in black), I would maybe wait for that, if I can. Else I will just go in for the SP6 (there is a A$200 discount on it currently in some B&M stores, which is an added attraction).

Thanks in advance.


Hi I,ve upgraded and glad I did , am sure I will see benefit a lot more when I go back to work sunday and really see battery life come in handy

let us know what you end up doing