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Issue with the metal grommet on the Clipboard


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We got our first Surface book today. It was a Microsoft referb. When we detached the Clipboard we noticed that the metal "grommet"/plate that surrounds the center ports comes lose if you move your fingers along the edge. Is this a common issue? if this plate is lost will it affect the functionality of the device or the life span?


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Not good, but also not serious.

If you repair it yourself, I suggest a very, very tiny amount of super glue gel, applied as a pinpoint in a couple of dots with a toothpick, being very careful not to get it into any electrical ports.

I just looked at both of my Surface Book units to see if my grommets are loose. They are fine.
Place the very tiny dot of glue on each of the circular pegs of the SB between the slots.

The piece was probably removed in order to refurbish the Clipboard, providing likely proof that the device was indeed serviced (refurbished). The factory may have neglected to properly re-attach.