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Issues with office 16 and visio 16


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My surface pro 4 is not playing nice with Office 365 2016 ver. and dream spark ver. of Visio 2016/ Project 2016 the applications dont want to start up . when install it removes office 365 2013 in order to install. i have been messing around with visio 2013 and office 365 still get the same error should. i have until reinstalled the programs and ran alone it only works with visio 2013 if i uninstall all off application apps. has anyone ran into any issues.

4gb memory
128 ssd


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I;m not certain you shouldn't clean all traces of ell the Office software from your system and try again but your post has me a little confused.

It doesn't sound SP4 specific so the thread is getting moved to the x86 apps section.


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Did you check the other Apps for compatibility with Office 2016? Sounds like your running something that works with Office 2013 and you may need an update for those to work with Office 2016. The post is confusing though, maybe you could separate out the individual issues or just focus on the main issue first.