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It's that time of the month again


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Anyone still waiting for the update to appear in Windows Update? I've rebooted several times and still see "No updates are available."

Should I do the manual install from the enterprise link, or does this point to a potential issue?

Edit: all the regular Windows Patch Tuesday updates came through, just nothing Surface-specific.


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Try going to Windows Update in the Control Panel. When you go there, check to see what date is on the last updates.


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No go. Most recent updates were today, last check was after the most recent updates, and a mountain of updates were installed on 2/11/14... Just nothing related to the Surface.


The driver works fine for me but I didn't run setup after reading that the CP didn't work. I installed via the Device Manager, working perfectly so far and have noticed no display anomalies.


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Just installed this and it caused a severe drop in color depth. DONT INSTALL THIS!

No issue here. But I think you are confusing the problem you face with Intel Dynamic Contrast feature, or renamed """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""power saver"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" on mobile devices, which is on by default when on battery.
Here is the fix that I worked on a while back: Color Banding and dynamic contrast FIX (I made a fix) - Windows Phone Central Forums
It will not cause any problem with Windows Update or firmware. Well at least on my side.

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