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Just bought a microSDXC card and it's not working with my Surface!


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Hi guys I ordered this last week...


It came today, put it in my old desktop PC and had no problems transferring my music over to it. After it had finished, I've put it in the Surface and nothing... nadda... zilch...

It clicks in nice and firmly but it's existence doesn't show up anywhere :eek:mg: even some kinda error would be nice at this point lol. I'm beginning to wonder if I have a faulty slot on my Surface, unfortunately I don't have another card to try out. It can't be the actual card as it's working perfectly on my desktop PC... so I can't really send it back. Have I just wasted £40? Perhaps I would have to look into getting a replacement Surface.

In case it matters my desktop PC is running Windows 7 64 bit with NTFS.


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Turn the volume up and listen for the device connected sound and try pushing it in further to get a connection. On my first surface RT I put a small bit of tape round the card to get a better fit.


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Omni's suggestion is a good one! I have read elsewhere that this was an issue in some of the devices though I did not face this problem with my RT.


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I also read somewhere (don't know where anymore) that the Sandisk can give problems on a Surface (Pro). That's why I bought a Samsung. When I can find the link I will post it.


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Kayzee, when you installed the micro card in your PC does it have a micro slot, or did you use an adapter. If you have a micro to USB adapter you can test the card to see if is at least working in your surface, albeit not in the proper slot. If it is recognized, then I would blow out the micro slot and try a reinsert. Also reboot the machine.There is a bit of a toggle click when inserting. you need to insert deeply for it to grab. If this fails you can return to Amazon with no problem for a different card and/or make OR bring this up with Microsoft Customer Service. Who knows you might be the proud exchange owner of a Surface 2 Pro.
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I have this exact same one in my pro. Worked flawlessy from day 1. You may need to go to file explorer or control panel properties to dig further to see the card. Also under metro settings under my devices I believe. Also try reformatting it on your pc then trying again before you install anything on it. Then once its detected, then take back out and move stuff to it. Might be formatting issue.

Good luck, I have that card and it performs great. I moved all my steam games to that card to free up internal storage on my device.


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Sorry but if your not getting the connection sound I don't think the sd card port is working at all. Think you will need to return it.