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Just got my Surface Book! Some issues but still positive experience

I just bought my Surface Book (came from a SP3). I purchased a i5 256GB GPU version and updated to all the latest updates. Overall, I am enjoying using it more than my SP3.

Some positive points:
  • The typing experience is fantastic on the keyboard
  • The touchpad is also fantastic to use. Doesn't make me miss my mouse too much
  • Love the bigger higher resolution screen
  • The GPU is just what I needed for a 3D software I use for viewing CT Scans. No lag at all compared to the SP3
  • Battery life is pretty good. I haven't run down the battery completely yet but looks like I'm averaging about 10% per hour according to the battery usage report. So I should get around 9-10 hours of use which is much better than the 5-6 hrs I was getting on the SP3.
  • The new pen is noticeably better to write with than the SP3 pen
  • Runs very silent and cooler compared to the SP3
But a couple of negative points:
  • The metal surface scratches REALLY easily. I got a couple of light scratches already :(
  • The clipboard metal surface (with the windows logo) is not completely smooth. You can feel some small bulges and when viewed down at an angle, you can see some minor rippling. I confirmed this was visible on all demo machines at the store. Others have mentioned this as well
  • Software glitches I encountered:
    • 2 BSOD
    • Battery drain during Connected Standby (Sleep). I set it to hibernate after 30 min and typically see about 7% battery drain in that 30 min of Connected Standby, which is more that the battery drain during use! Bother once in a while I only see a 1% drain. This bothers me the most.
    • Random switching to Tablet mode even though the clipboard is docked. I think this happens when it switches between the Nvidea GPU and the integerated GPU because I replicate this every time when I change the Global settings in the Nvidea Control Panel
But overall, I think this is a fantastic laptop/tablet. I'm sure next year's version is going to be even better and probably tempting me to upgrade again! Oh well...


Great summary, and it's awesome to hear that you are enjoying your Surface Book!

On the whole, I really like mine as well. I have been trying to patiently wait for its dock (the new Surface Dock) to support two 4K monitors as was promised in the October Windows 10 devices event. That it does not yet is my chief criticism—the dock seems like the weakest link in the new Surface hardware line up.

But assuming that gets resolved, the hardware is great and I love the design. At this point, even if I have to replace it with a proper desktop workstation in order to use my monitors, I'll keep the Surface Book as my portable computer.

I don't see any bulges or imperfections on my clipboard; it looks totally flat to my eye. My only gripe with the surface (no pun intended) of the clipboard is that it collects finger prints a bit easily and I obsessively clean it.

I've had mine since its launch and I still haven't seen a single BSOD. I have no idea why I've been so "lucky," if that's the right word for it.

You're right that the screen is fantastic. I think the clipboard with that display are my favorite features.


The battery drain during hibernate/sleep is my biggest issue with the device thus far. I guess I'm just kind of baffled as to how it can drain that much when it's "sleeping" or whatever. I guess I should just turn off Connected Standby as I don't really care about it anyway.

But overall I agree with you, it's a really really nice device.


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Have you tried disabling Wi-Fi during sleep? That should reduce your battery usage while sleeping: Settings...System...Power...On battery power, stay connected to Wi-Fi while asleep.

Others have also complained and disabled Windows Hello to improve battery life during sleep: Settings...Accounts...Sign-in Options...Automatically unlock the screen if we recognize your face.


Both are disabled and have been since the day I got it. I think there is also a problem with disabling Connected Standby and the Wi-Fi connection properly turning back on when waking from Sleep.

After a few more times yes, Wi-Fi definitely has an issue with connecting after waking from sleep if Connected Standby is off. I have to either "disconnect" or turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back on again to properly connect.

I also seem to be having an issue with the brightness auto adjusting itself, even though I have that setting turned off.
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I don't think the battery drain is related to Windows Hello because I still got about 6-7% drain in 30 min with it off and also with it on, there were times when I only had 1% drain in 30 min.

On another note: damn it, I made a big scratch on the top cover (windows logo side) :(. It happened when I picked up the clipboard off of a table by sliding it off the table. There must have been some particle on the table surface. I find this metal finish scratches so easily compred to the SP3. I think I will order one of the Stickerboy skins to cover that scratch up so I don't have to keep looking at it. :mad::mad::mad:


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I have run extensively with Hello off then with it on and see no difference in battery use.