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Was really looking at buying a tab with Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. Will wait to see how this will pan out. Price will be an issue but performance will be king, What is your interest in this new product?


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Integration with my personal/office computers. Apple doesn't cut it and neither does Android. I've been waiting for this. I think the hardest part will be wading through all of the reviews and trying to weed out all of the 'opinions' that fanbois will post. Most of the blog sites roll like this.


If they can pull off the X-BOX cross platform integration with plug and play gamepad support it will be huge, not asking to play 360 games or anything ( but would be nice!) but at least have more than just Xbox SmartGlass that as far as I can tell just enhances your games and only interacts with entertainment/games on the 360. Some Xbox Arcade games would be a good start.


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It surely will have the Xbox controller compatibility so hopefully games will start showing up :) Microsoft owns a few game companies.
Integration with my personal/office computers is also the main draw for me. I think MS could definitely take the 'enterprise' lead away from apple.

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