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Microsoft Shows Off Unreal Engine 3 Games for the Surface


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It looks like the Microsoft Surface is going to get a healthy dose of gaming. Microsoft and Nvidia just shared that the Epic's Unreal Engine 3 will be fully supported on the new tablet and will allow for some amazing graphics in games. In the video above, we see a Tegra-powered ASUS Vivo Tab RT play running 'Epic Citadel,' as an example of what things will be like on the Surface. This gets us pretty excited about all the gaming possibilities for the tablet. Pretty soon, no one will need PCs or consoles. Very cool!

Source: NVIDIA


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I have to say that looks really good and it's a port of the PC version straight to Windows RT just like MS has been saying would be possible. Let's hope the developers all jump on board like has been theorized and Windows 8 and RT both get tons of new apps.