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Just received my Surface Pro


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I just picked up my 128 Surface Pro with Type and love it! I am so glad I made the plunge. I am now going to sell my Asus Transformer Infinity, which I liked but Surface Pro blows it away. To be fair, I did not have a keyboard with the Asus and the more I used it, it seemed to get so slow and sluggish. With this Intel processor on the Surface Pro that should not happen. Very happy with this purchase even though more than I wanted to spend but money well spent I believe.


I ordered one through Mobicity Uk with a 2 year warranty (they repair or replace themselves). Very expensive but heard some good things about their service.

Unfortunately they ran out of stock just as I ordered so its taken a while (ordered 19th March, being posted today) but at least it avoids the warranty issue.


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So annoying. I just decided I'd order through Bundlebox after all, I'm so fed up of waiting for MS to release in the UK. But I've tried 4 different credit cards and the MS website says there was a problem with each one! Anyone with any advice? Ashles said he just used the Bundlebox address. But it didn't work for me!
I used a BB address without any problems. TBH I was a bit ticked off because my CC was charged without batting an eyelid. I rang the company up, thinking I would have to authorize the non-billing address used for delivery but they told me they'd already authorized payment. Great anti-fraud systems in place.


They haven't been great at telling me when it would come, a little annoying! Let me know when you get a dispatch email and i'll do the same!


Just got it opened up, not going to be doing much actual work today!!

Edit - putting photos in the photo thread....!
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